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Steps to a Successful Web Site

Each of the elements below will be used to create your web site. Wisconsin Web Writer LLC will be happy to assist you in completing these steps. However, if you wish to make your site more affordable, you can choose to complete them alone.

The first step in a successful web site is to write a mission statement. This statement will direct the remainder of the design and development process. If you plan to frequently change your content, a database driven content management system (CMS) website is preferable.

The next step is to evaluate who the intended audience for your web site is. This can be narrowly or generously defined. Your site may be multifunctional and therefore have various and differing audiences. For example, will you be providing information for both customers and employees? On the other hand, your site may be very focused with a limited audience. Knowing who the intended audience is will help determine the types of information and tools that are needed in your web site. Different visitors will have different usability and accessibility needs.

It is important to brainstorm for content. What information do you want to convey? What will each of the different audiences expect to see when visiting your web site? What do you need to provide in order to keep your visitors coming back to your site? You should visit web sites within your industry or related businesses. List what you like and what you dislike about the content in these other sites.

The site layout is critical as it is the first impression that many potential new customers will have of your company. We will address color schemes and graphical requirements to create the visual impact of your web pages. Your web site design will become the internet image that is presented to millions of potential web site visitors. Ensuring that this image parallels the message your site's mission is critical to your internet success.

Finally, we will outline milestones and a timeline to create a schedule that will enable Wisconsin Web Writer LLC and yourself to launch your new professionally developed web site in a timely manner.

As Wisconsin Web Writer LLC creates your web site using the information obtained from the above process, you will have access to view it. This will allow you to communicate desired changes and questions more frequently.

We will launch your web site upon your approval. If you do not have a database driven CMS web site, maintenance services will be provided as requested.

If you utilize the hosting services of Wisconsin Web Writer LLC, you will have access to daily, weekly, monthly and long term web site statistics. These statistics will allow you to monitor the number of requests for the individual web pages along with what web sites your visitors came from and the search terms and search phrases they used to find your web site. For more information regarding the benefits of hosting your web site with Wisconsin Web Writer LLC, please visit our Hosting web page.